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Production Ducati heads leave a lot to be desired. Ducati’s obvious success in racing demonstrates that impressive power can be achieved, but the gains made on the track don’t always make into the production line and are seldom reflected in stock port design. In terms of the ports; location, sizing, shape are often dictated by racing homologation requirements. For example, the 748R and RS boast very large (race designed) valves coupled with ports seemingly designed for a completely different motorcycle. Material selection as well, is compromised for production.

MBP’s Testarosso Heads can unlock the potential of your stock Ducati engine and deliver that ideal combination of performance, reliability and drivability. We balance all of the elements by matching valve size, shape and seat geometry to port configuration. Our selection of materials for cylinder head components is dictated by our commitment to reliability that matches performance. Bottom line: We typically see horsepower gains of 15 – 25% (and occasionally up to 30%) from our work and our stuff stands up to the abuse of racing.