Guy Martin
Guy Martin’s been involved with Ducatis for over 27 years - 13 as a mechanic at several well-known Montreal shops and for the past 14 years working on his own from his shop in Pointe Claire (just outside of Montreal, Canada).

An absolute wizard when it comes to performance Ducati tuning and engine building, Guy is also One Hell of a Nice Guy. His high-discipline approach and attention to detail has been developed as a quality control and passive stress-testing expert at Air Canada’s world-renown engine facility in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

Long ago, Guy earned a reputation as the foremost Ducati bevel-drive specialists and of late, has been successful in developing very fast and uncommonly reliable 2 and 4-valve belt-drive motors. When he’s not hip-deep in a project, you’ll find him at racetracks and Ducati events; fettling customers’ motors or marketing the MBP Collets he co-designed.

With 13 years as a Lead Aircraft mechanic at Air Canada, Guy’s developed expertise in high-stress engine maintenance and a sense of discipline not generally found in the motorcycle business.


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