J Precision

J Precision
Patrick’s been a machinist all his professional life and spent a good part of his career with Pratt & Whitney’s aerospace Division. He designs much of his own equipment and has been specializing in motorcycle engine components and cylinder heads for the last 20 years out of his shop in the south shore of Montreal. Patrick uses SuperFlow equipment for optimal airflow and maximum velocity and has been building high-performance heads since 1983. Patrick recently began collaborating with Guy on Ducati 2 and 4-valve heads and together they have obtained exceptional results by applying unorthodox design philosophies to intake and exhaust port profiles.


Specialization breeds excellence. And that’s why we’ve developed a network of key associates who provide consistently hi-quality services. From production and custom precision machining, through cylinder head porting and tuning and custom fabrication – our associates all boast impressive credentials in their individual areas of expertise. They are:

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