Who wrote this stuff anyway?
I did. In fact, I’ve been writing stuff for Guy and helping him out with the marketing side of his business since 1998. Why? Because every year since 1996, the motor he built for my ’73 desmo race bike has run like a clock – and moves fast enough to out-run most modern 900cc Ducatis at the DOCC rallies. It also puts me on the podium just about every time I race it.

So, call this an unsolicited customer testimonial. In 2003, The Loud Bike went into its seventh season of vintage racing and track days with 2 sets of rings, 1 clutch, a voltage regulator and a cracked exhaust mount as the sum total of failures. Oh yeah, it spat out a spark plug at Grattan in 2002 – but that was entirely my fault…With the collets installed, we adjusted the valve clearance once.

We’re still wondering when the “Best Before” date is. For a 74HP bevel twin that lives its life on racetracks at 8,000rpm, this kind of reliability is rare. If MBP can work this kind of magic on a 30-year-old bevel twin, you have to wonder what they can do with a modern belt-drive machine. So because I get to ride (and ride, and ride, and ride) instead of fettling my bike in the pits, I’m a huge fan and proud to run the MBP decals on my machines.

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Steve Munro
VRRA #666
DOCC #122