Who we are
MBP is about fast, reliable and innovative Ducatis. We’re passionate about what we do and it shows in our finished product, our relationships with our customers and our reputation in the Ducati community. We’ve been around as a formal company since 1998, but as a group of individuals our experience spans over 100 years. Our services include: Ducati Hi-performance Engine Building & Tuning, Integration, Restoration & Race Preparation, Precision Machining, and Component Design. Products include our own MBP Testarosso Heads and MBP DVRS (collets) as well as a hand picked selection of Performance-oriented Components & Accessories. Martin Brickwood Performance was founded by Guy Martin – noted Montreal, Canada-based Ducati tuner – and draws on the expertise of a group of trusted associates who represent the cream of Montreal’s technical fabricators.

Who we are
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